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Ryan Rock started working in construction during high school and joined the United States Army after graduation. He served in Operation Iraqi Freedom as an infantryman before returning to civilian life and starting work in commercial construction. It was during this time that he met his wife and started a family of his own. In 2010, Rock founded Empire Ag with the intent of providing contracting services to the agricultural industry. That small company has since grown into one of the leading providers of its kind in Iowa. When he's not working or spending time with family, you can usually find Rock out hunting or fishing—two activities that are central to his Midwestern roots

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Ryan Rock

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Ryan Rock-Industrial Designers
November 8, 2023

What is the signature product of Iowa?

Deep in the American heartland, Iowa’s fields stretch to the horizon, a testament to the state’s status as an agricultural powerhouse. While this Midwestern state boasts a diverse array of industries when it comes to its signature product of Iowa, one reigns supreme: corn. This golden grain is not merely a crop; it’s a cultural […]

October 9, 2023

Are Industrial Designers Well-Paid?

Industrial design is a dynamic and creative field combining artistry with functionality, shaping the products and objects we encounter daily. From the sleek lines of a smartphone to the ergonomic design of a chair, industrial designers play a pivotal role in crafting the products we use and love. However, one question often lingers in the […]

The Art and Economics of Industrial Design: Are Industrial Designers
September 15, 2023

The Art and Economics of Industrial Design: Are Industrial Designers Well-Paid?

Industrial design is the marriage of art and functionality, a profession that transforms creative visions into tangible products that enhance our daily lives. While the allure of this field lies in its capacity to blend aesthetics with utility, a pertinent question remains: Are industrial designers well-paid for their innovative contributions? In this article, we delve […]

Ankeny Iowa
August 7, 2023

Reviving Small-Town Iowa

Iowa’s charm lies in its vast agricultural landscapes, bustling cities, and quaint small towns. These idyllic communities are often the state’s heartbeat, fostering a sense of close-knit camaraderie and preserving cherished traditions. In recent years, the revival of local factories in Iowa has emerged as a beacon of hope, sustaining rural communities and breathing new […]

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